We're On A Mission

To accelerate the adoption of 3D technology’s multi-faceted benefits for enterprises, SMBs, and everyday life. 

Scena helps you document, sell, share, plan, and archive your digital twins, whether it's one space or thousands!

As a Matterport Service Partner since 2015, Scena has been capturing unique spaces in nearly every industry to create digital twins for our clients.. We have experience in a large array of industries such as CRE, AEC, franchises, retail, hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and technology. We’ve worked with clients of all sizes in these industries and some of the world’s largest brands to create one-of-a-kind, 3D-centered solutions. 

Let us help you leverage 3D technology to it’s maximum potential. 

Full Digital Twin Lifecycle Management

We offer flexible services options beyond scanning such as site surveys, as-built capture, and plans, on-location video and photography services to capture every phase of the lifecycle. Post-production services include project management and archiving. 

One Twin Or Many, We Have You Covered.

Scena delivers quickly and efficiently on any project no matter the size.  For multi-location jobs, Scena provides dedicated account management and custom reporting with current project management tools.  Accurate tracking, reporting, and archiving projects for your business with Scena.  Equipped with a national network of expert capture technicians, Scena is your turnkey solution for multi-location projects. 

Our Team

Troy Rushing, CEO

For the past 26 years, Troy has been helping clients succeed online. In addition to 3D technology, his background includes digital marketing, sales, project management, finance and construction. Through Scena and his digital marketing company Discover Media, he has experience working with clients of all sizes including major brands. He enjoys using his knowledge and background to look at the big picture for clients to get the best solution for their needs. Troy graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in finance.

Mark Adams, COO

Mark has extensive knowledge in BLK360, Matterport, and Ricoh Theta scanning as well as marketing. His experience as a Google Partner and with various digital & CRM platforms helps internal teams expand their 3D assets.
For many years he has worked with Real Estate, Hospitality, Showroom, Home Building, and other visual industry clients.  He connects the dots so our clients can see, measure, understand analytic results.  
Although he excels in the postproduction use of the 3D digital assets produced, he also enjoys deployment & management of 3D capture projects.

Will Johnson, CMO

For over 15 years, Will has excelled in providing the best digital marketing strategies for companies all around Charlotte, NC. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in Business & Journalism, he has diversified his professional skill sets to immediately impact the online reach of local businesses. Contact Will today about creating a virtual tour, capturing videos & photos with drone or high-end cameras, or developing digital plans to better assist you and your company.

Steve Anderson, VP of Sales

Steve, from the Golden Isles of Glynn, resides on St. Simons Island, GA with his family. A graduate of both Georgia Southern and University of Georgia, he majored in Business Administration. With 20+ years in the Mortgage industry, Steve has honed relationship-building with clients and professionals alike. He also co-led a company in cell tower projects. Now transitioning into 3D digital twin technologies, Steve bridges the physical and virtual worlds, offering invaluable insights and process optimization.

Chris Saharek, VP of Locations and Film

With over two decades in the film and TV industry, Chris stands as a premier location scout having collaborated with powerhouses like Marvel, NBC Universal, and Disney. A Vanguard University of Southern California alumnus, Chris has ascended from an Assistant Locations Manager to a leading Property and Locations Research Analyst in Atlanta, GA. Armed with tools like Adobe Photoshop and Autocad Software, and languages like Java and Python, he expertly maintains expansive location databases. Renowned for his adept negotiation skills, project management, and keen eye for locations, Chris combines passion with professionalism, making him an invaluable asset in the cinematic world and Scena. 

Mendy Leon, VP of Operations

Mendy grew up in southeast Georgia and currently lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida with her son, Isaac. Mendy graduated from Georgia Southern University and has a Master’s degree in Education from Arkansas State University.  She taught for 17 years as a special needs and elementary reading teacher in the state of Florida and decided to switch careers to pursue her hobby of photography. Mendy wears many hats for the company of Scenavr, but she loves the opportunity to utilize her photography skills and takes pride in the creative aspects of the 3D photography field. 

Alston Rice, Matterport and BLK Tech.

From the beginning, Alston has worked with technology in different forms. He has always been interested in the innovation of how technology keeps improving. Working in the industry with mathematics and data analytics has pushed his curiosity into the virtual platform. He has gotten his degree in computer science & mathematics and is now perusing his masters in applied statistics. The idea is to learn as much as possible and learn more about the virtual world and understand data alignment in the camera world.

Jen Cervelli, Matterport and BLK Tech.

Jen grew up outside Philadelphia, PA and earned her BFA at the Savannah College of Art & Design where she studied metals & jewelry as well as photography. She now lives in Hermosa Beach just outside of Los Angeles, CA where she draws inspiration for her creative endeavors, and she is fascinated by the quickly evolving tech for video and photography. 

Keith Taylor, Matterport and BLK Tech.

Keith grew up in upstate NY  and got into photography via skydiving.  He spent 15 years in the sport!  Keith has over 3,500 jumps doing photography and videography for Tandems along with sport jumpers.  He decided to apply those skills to Real Estate in 2017 and started his own company.  

Frances Donnelly, Matterport and BLK Tech.

Frances has always had two passions, Mathematics and Psychology. She excels in strategic planning, logistics analytics, and human relations. Graduating at the top of her class, from Georgia Southern University, and earning the title “Operations Management Student of the Year,” she went on to work for one of the largest hospitality franchises, Apple Metro, Inc., in New York City, for almost a decade. Since then, she has moved back home to Savannah, and has successfully started a family, including three young children. She has enjoyed watching her children thrive, but is excited to join the team, and use what she has learned about her new love, 3D Virtual Technology. 

Jackson King, Matterport and BLK Tech.

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Jackson has always been interested in technology. Having graduated from Georgia State University with a major in Film, he has a deep love for cameras and all that they affect. With a strong interest in the tech behind building 3d models and environments, he is delighted to work in a field that is on the forefront of their evolution.