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Scena Powers Shutterfly, Inc. with Innovative Digital Twin Technology for Factory Floors

Atlanta-based technology firm Scena is delighted to announce a significant collaboration with Shutterfly, Inc., a renowned nationwide printing company with multiple factories. Scena has harnessed innovative digital twin technology to construct virtual models of Shutterfly, Inc.’s factory floors. This revolutionary technology has transformed Shutterfly’s business operations, especially amidst the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, Shutterfly, Inc. adopted the digital twin technology to enhance their sales and marketing strategies, providing clients with the ability to virtually tour their factory floors. This innovative solution proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic when travel restrictions hampered traditional client engagement methods. These virtual tours not only ensured uninterrupted client interaction but also expanded the avenues for demonstrating Shutterfly’s capabilities.

As Shutterfly continued to explore the potential of digital twin technology, they uncovered numerous additional applications. One such discovery was the technology’s utility in employee training. Scena’s digital twins provided an immersive environment where both new and existing employees could remotely familiarize themselves with the factory layout, machinery, and safety protocols. 

The collaboration between Scena and Shutterfly further expanded to incorporate on-site video production within the digital twins, including segments of the production areas with voiceovers from factory personnel. These videos added a personalized dimension, enriching sales presentations and training resources. Therese Blewitt, Director of Manufacturing for Shutterfly, Inc., praised the multifaceted utility of Scena’s technology: “Scena’s multi-disciplined expertise in digital twins, video, and web development was the combination needed to unlock the full potential of digital twin technology for Shutterfly, Inc. Scena’s digital twin solution is a game-changer in how we envision the future of our business.”

Scena continues to pioneer digital twin solutions across a broad spectrum of industries, helping businesses to optimize operations, enhance client engagement, and explore new opportunities.