High Point, NC
Hickory, NC
Atlanta, GA

In the realm of luxury residential furniture, Century Furniture commands attention. As one of the globe’s largest privately-owned manufacturers, Century Furniture’s legacy in the industry is unrivaled. Their collaboration with SCENA Industries since 2018 has further elevated their influence by offering an immersive, digital window into their lavish showrooms situated in High Point, NC, Hickory, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

Twice yearly, the world’s top designers gather at the prestigious High Point Furniture Market, where Century Furniture showcases their avant-garde styles and new collection pieces. A beacon of glamour and creativity, their 50,000 square-foot showroom springs to life in SCENA’s immersive virtual tours. Especially amidst the pandemic’s restrictive conditions, these tours have granted designers and customers alike an opportunity to view Century’s luxury offerings in an unprecedentedly immersive and interactive format.

But the benefits of SCENA’s services don’t stop there. Century’s sales representatives have discovered that these virtual tours also serve as a powerful sales tool. Having instant, user-friendly access to previous collections and product details equips them to present a more compelling and comprehensive visual portfolio to prospective buyers. SCENA’s in-house video production further enhances the narrative with engaging descriptions and model information for each piece of furniture.

Moreover, the successful partnership between Century Furniture and SCENA extends to the broader Rock House Farm Family Of Brands. SCENA’s innovative digital solutions also serve Century’s sister companies, Highland House and Hickory Chair, cementing SCENA’s role as a pivotal partner in this prestigious family of brands.

Indeed, the marriage of technology and traditional craftsmanship is truly a sight to behold. With SCENA and Century Furniture’s powerful partnership, the digital world of luxury furniture has never looked more vibrant, exciting, and promising. Buckle up, folks, because the future of furniture viewing is here!