Digital Twin Solutions For Education

Security, Renovations, and Documentation 

Accelerate School Safety Training

Turn facilities into living documetation with Digital Twin technology. Share and collaborate. Train and document with efficiency.

  • Full Campus 3D Models
  • Detailed Floor Plan Mapping
  • Intuitive Training Tools

Repurpose, Renew and Revitalize

Start your next expansion, renovation, or complete facility repurposing with detailed floor plans ready for deployment within 7 days from scanning.

Fast Return on Investment

One model with many solutions. Cross department utilization of facility data for documentation and planning.

Accelerate Planning

Easy to share, collaborate, contribute, and present information to stakeholders from a desktop.

Eliminate Site Visits

No more interruptions and large public safety congregations at schools for training and review.

Rapid Implemntation

No software to maintain. Instant activation and data acquisition with Scena.

Future Proof Solutions

Leverage data today, shape tomorrow. Data formats in industry standard format for future AI projects and simulations.


Preserve historical buildings, document procedures, utilize data for insurance, and more. 

Generate Floor Plans

Convert as built scans to floor plans fast and economically. 

Example Building Repurposing Project

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