AEC As-built Plans & Digital Twins

Expedite your workflow with Scena.

As-built Scanning Services

SCENA uses Leica BLK360 and Matterport Pro3 LiDAR scanners to deliver Revit 3D models, Sketchup Models, and AutoCAD.

Inspect Remotely

Engineers, BIM managers, VDCs, and architects can inspect the site remotely with a virtual tour.

Accelerate Planning

Rapid implementation without the need for additional software setup or lengthy resource backlogs.

Eliminate Site Visits

Document existing conditions and  facility specs. Securely collaborate  information efficiently.

Reduce Survey Costs

Professional data collection specialists acquire & format 2D & 3D file creation ready for import.

Document Project Phases

Side by side visuals of each phase of projects: Planning, Execution, and Completion.


Future proof your investment. Leverage data today & access for facility management tomorrow. 

Generate Floor Plans

Convert as built scans to floor plans fast and economically.