Orange County, CA


Irvine California Technology Venue

[AV] is Orange County’s most unique destination for meetings, weddings, corporate events, and more. With 25,000 square feet, our contemporary venue was custom-designed by leading industry professionals to be the ultimate event space in Southern California. Bring your vision to life at [AV] — our fully customizable space was built for larger-than-life celebrations and unforgettable memories.

[AV] began as a digital marketing client over 8 years ago to Scena’s sister company Discover Media.  In 2017 Scena scanned their venue top to bottom to create a digital twin which included outdoor areas to give prospective clients a realistic presentation of the venue.   

The digital twin was tagged with information tags including video and photos to help explain options and areas within the venue and placed on the website.  The addition of a digital twin in the sales cycle and planning proved valuable immediately.  As lead conversion and client engagement began to increase so did bookings. The virtual tour is now used for planning and communicating for every client.  

Online self-guided virtual tours now do the heavy lifting of in-person site visits in helping shorten the cycle from inquiry to booking and save operations value time. 

In 2020 Scena redesigned the website to align the awesome energy of the venue, with it’s online digital twin.    


Today [AV] continues to be a trend setter in exclusive venues in the Southern California market. The incorporation of virtual tours helps keep the venue booked.