Film & TV Location Scanning

Complete film location documentation and VFX modeling.

Full Location Documentation

Our eco-friendly services capture movie sets, transforming them into virtual tours and 3D models for design, visualization, and production. This digital archiving allows film companies to save costs and time. 

Complete Location Documentation & Capture

Fast fast delivery of location documentation including photography, virtual tours, measurements and 3D modeling.

Eliminate Property Condition Disputes

Capture movie sets before production for clear documentation and avoid potential disputes regarding set conditions and arrangements.

Determine Camera Location & Lens Type

Determine ideal camera locations and select the perfect lens type for every shot.

Our Location Experts

Chris Saharek, VP of Locations and Film

With over two decades in the film and TV industry, Chris stands as a premier location scout having collaborated with powerhouses like Marvel, NBC Universal, and Disney. A Vanguard University of Southern California alumnus, Chris has ascended from an Assistant Locations Manager to a leading Property and Locations Research Analyst in Atlanta, GA. He expertly maintains expansive location databases. Renowned for his adept negotiation skills, project management, and keen eye for locations, Chris combines passion with professionalism, making him an invaluable asset in the cinematic world and Scena. 

VFX Services

The VFX industry utilizes digital twins to create accurate and interactive 3D replicas of real-world environments, enhancing visual effects and streamlining post-production processes.

Point Clouds

Point clouds provide the VFX industry with detailed 3D spatial data, enabling artists to create realistic visual effects by seamlessly integrating digital elements into real-world environments.

3D Models

Utilizing 3D models in conjunction with VFX allows filmmakers to craft realistic and immersive visual experiences, seamlessly blending the virtual and real worlds.