Apartment Virtual Grounds Tours

Standing Out

When people begin searching for a new apartment to live in, the research can often be overwhelming. Sorting through the lists of apartment complexes and their amenities can make research feel daunting. There are consistently new apartment leases being released, and distinguishing between a handful of properties that look similar can be difficult. While builders may do their best to be creative and unique, oftentimes, apartments run the risk of looking similar. Commonalities between different apartment complexes not only hurts the apartment, as they don’t stand out as unique, it also makes the selection process more difficult for the buyer. Something that can help differentiate between apartments, when structure, design, and pricing are all similar, are communal facilities. Facilities such as wellness suites, spa facilities, pools, and dog parks can help apartments set apart from the crowd. As apartment complexes differentiate themselves, many add meeting rooms, conference facilities, bars, and in-house coffee shops. Even lobbies are utilized as selling points to the consumer and are turned into communal lounge areas that often provide residents with fun treats and snacks.

Residents Only

However, these amenities that act as apartment selling points are often residents to foster an heir of exclusivity. It also communicates to potential residents that people living in this apartment complex can go and spend time poolside, or in the spa, in peace. This restrictive nature means that most times, those touring apartment complexes aren’t allowed to see some of the best selling points in the building. While photography is a potential solution, it can be difficult for apartment complexes to get shots of the facilities, free of current residents, whenever they need it.

Virtual Tours

The solution to successfully marketing all of an apartment’s best amenities to prospective residents is virtual tours. With a virtual tour experience, all the best amenities that future residents could enjoy would be on display without disrupting current residents.
Apartment complexes that are willing to invest in a fully immersive, interactive tour and HDR-quality photos will allow their visitors to see all facilities in ease. Instead of leasing agents rearranging their schedule to early morning times before peak use of facilities, investing in a virtual tour program that is easily accessible through the apartment complex’s website will save both leasing agents and prospective residents time spent scheduling and touring. Virtual tours will give viewers access to areas that are typically off-limits during property tours and will help convince your future resident to sign a lease.


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