Behind the Scenes: Executing Multi-Site Pilot As-Built Surveys

Multi-site pilot as-built surveys present unique challenges in terms of consistency and precision. Scena’s expertise in managing these complexities showcases their leadership in the field of as-built surveying. Challenges in Multi-Site As-Built Surveys Scena’s Strategy for Multi-Site SurveysScena employs a standardized approach using advanced lidar laser scanners to ensure consistency across all sites. Their experienced […]

Revolutionizing As-Built Surveys with 3D Laser Technology

The evolution of as-built surveys has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of 3D laser technology. Cizent is at the forefront of this revolution, employing advanced lidar laser scanners to bring a new level of precision and efficiency to as-built surveying. Advantages of 3D Laser Technology in As-Built Surveys: Cizent’s ImplementationCizent’s use of […]

The Impact of Accuracy in As-Built Plans

Accuracy in as-built plans is not just a requirement but a necessity in the construction and renovation industry. Scena’s commitment to precision in as-built surveys, especially using lidar laser scanners, highlights the importance of accurate documentation in successful project outcomes. Why Accuracy MattersAccurate as-built plans are essential for: Scena’s Role in Ensuring AccuracyScena utilizes advanced […]

Deciding to Outsource As-Built Surveys: Pros and Cons

In the world of construction and architectural planning, as-built surveys are crucial for accurate documentation of existing conditions. As technology advances, companies like Scena are at the forefront, offering specialized as-built services and lidar laser scanners. One critical decision for many firms is whether to outsource these services. Here, we weigh the pros and cons. […]