Property Facilities Management With 3D Virtual Tours

The broad spectrum of technologies that are currently available to facility managers has grown rapidly over the last several years. Matterport provides you with a platform of ways to tour many aspects of your building and infrastructure with unique, state of the art technology.

Resources for the Facility Manager

You will gain the benefits of touring your facility with a level of insight never before available. Matterport provides you and your team with a detailed look at your infrastructure with the precision and accuracy that you need to know to make the best decisions. They utilize 3D imaging enabling you to get a look into the configurations of the dwelling. You can aptly determine the areas that are in need of improvements. These are innovative tools that will potentially save you time as well as help to increase productivity.


The 3D point cloud makes it possible to then be imported from the file into the BIM software then can be shared for collaboration. Any planned design or construction projects can be modified ahead of time if needed. If it identifies that system upgrades should be undertaken first, you can take the necessary steps before proceeding with the job. You can obtain the data on a number of factors, such as the utilities that are located above ground and any existing equipment. Matterwork makes it possible for you to do away with the use of manually prepared plans or sketches as the floor plans can now be virtually delivered to the contractor or vendor. The documentation can be sent to anyone in any worldwide location.

Obtain Seamless Floor Plans and More

A detailed floor plan will accurately reflect dimensions of even the small spaces in your facility. This is critically important when new or replacement equipment is brought in. It is a seamlessly developed plan that will ensure that heavy equipment or anything else you have procured will fit exactly as you expect with no undue surprises upon its arrival. The appropriate modifications can be handled in advance with the help of a scannable floor plan.

Inventory Accuracy

The close up view allows you to document the exact specifications of the equipment, HVAC specs and other key data. You will have an easier task at inventory time, and the detailed specs prove to be extremely valuable for insurance purposes as well. The resulting reduction of paperwork will save time searching for a misplaced document. This will also eliminate the need to devote more space for files where the space can be better utilized. Additionally, the training process for current employees and new hires will be more thorough, concise and greatly simplified.


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